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The Story Domain is dedicated to displaying the writings of amateur authors online.  TSD is maintained by DK.


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7.31.2001 - Writers Realm!
Writers Realm is complete!  TSD will no longer be updated so go to Writers Realm from now on!


4.11.2001 - TSD Returning!
The Story Domain shall return, but under an entirely different face and body.  It will be renamed as "Writers Realm".  Details will be given later, so for now, shudder with joy as you did for Illustrative, the site that never left Photoshop.  Here's a shot of what became of Illustrative.

I'll take any submissions for the new site, so send them over to:

On a final note, please tell me how you feel about TSD's current layout, this blue-grey gem before your eyes, through a quick poll.

Do you like TSD\'s current layout?

Current results

Target Release Date of Writers Realm: 4.21.2001
Most Probable Release Date: Who knows?

12.28.2000 - Illustrative
Illustrative is the site to be.  It is under construction and will probably remain that way for two weeks.  But when its finally complete, it will have all of TSD's features and more.  Visitors will be permitted to submit images, wallpapers, and their sites.

As for now, read some of the writings on this site or visit some of my sites:

11.26.2000 - No more updates
Sorry, but TSD will not be posting up writings anymore.  A new writing site is being developed.  Information will available soon.  Any questions, comments, or writings, please submit them to

9.6.2000 - Additions
There hasn't been any new writings submitted lately.  Only update is my change of email.  Please submit any comments or stories to

8.10.2000 - Additions
I received
Tuesday, by Jim B. a long time ago.  But I never got the chance to read it.  I finally did and thought it was good.  

In the Submit section, I've added email fields.  It's optional, but if you want a reply, please include your email.  

Please read the guidelines before submitting writings.  Good grammar and spelling are required if you want your story posted up on TSD.  

7.27.2000 - Chapter 2 of Heart of a Fortress
I finally finished the second chapter to
Heart of a Fortress.  It's about 1,600 words long.  Go read Chapter 2 - The Ice Hive now! 



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