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The Story Domain is dedicated to displaying the writings of amateur authors online.  Authors can submit stories, poems, comics, essays, and any other form of writings that appeals to the public.  If the submitted writing follows the set of guidelines, then it will most likely be posted up.  

Origin of The Story Domain
The Story Domain began as a small site called: "The Sci-Fi Story Domain".  It had only 2 stories, Empire's Descent and Snow.  They were written by my friends.  Following their example, and being influenced by Star Wars, I ambitiously began to write Strife In Space.  

I soon took an interest in science-fiction, especially when "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" came out, and I had a section dedicated to the awesome movie.  The site overall looked horrible and within a few weeks, I had it redesigned.  The end result was a site that was much more suited for a Halloween theme (view it here).  However, the layout was neater and less colorful than the previous one; and that's what truly mattered.

The Many Layouts
The Story Domain was my first successful site.  Since it was the only site that had updated content, I used it as a base for several of my newest layout creations.  Here's a list of the old layouts and the problems of each:

  • 1st Layout - The color of the pics, links, and text were not consistent throughout the site.  It was green one place, then yellow the next.  It was way too multi-colored.  
  • 2nd Layout - It was basically the same layout but I added buttons to my site.  The site looked better, but it was still too damn colorful.
  • "Halloween" Layout- I finally learned how to use frames, and implemented them to the site - one for links, and the other for content.  Navigation became much easier and everything was more organized.  However, the splash pic was unnecessarily large, and the choice of color for a story site was no good (black and green?!?!?).   
  • "Frames" Layout- My next layout had four frames.  One frame on the top in order to show off my logo, two others on the left and right showed the links and polls, and the main-center frame to display content.  The site looked good, but there were too many damn frames.  How could anyone read 500 words in a cramped window?
  • "Dark" Layout - Everything about the site is good except for the theme and the table sizes.  I've been told that black background should not be used on this type site and that the page is too big (AOL users had to expand their window).   


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