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DK - 6.11.00
"Hi Tracy.  You wrote a nice poem.  Please send more.

NiceGRrrrrL - 6.11.00
"Pretty cool dudette, go zodiac princess!"

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- After The Beep -

Written by: Tracy
Last Updated: 6.11.2000
Word Count:

hello. leave a message please.
will you leave a message just for me?
bare your darkest secrets; are you scared of pain?
a little intoxicated, or are you just like me...insane?

are you, too, a walking contradiction?
reveal to me your desires; 
tell me of the color your nightmares are in.

show me your thoughts, your dreams;
speak in riddle to me.
tell me something that will amuse me.
play with me. i see things too clearly;
someone please confuse me.

tell me your life story in a minute or two;
the person you want is not here.
where am i...?
where are you?

i'm wondering about the places i have been, 
thinking of all the things 
i have seen.
converse with my answering machine...

please leave a message after i speak;
leave a long message after the beep.
i'm away playing hide-and-seek.
would anyone care to join me?

Copyright DK, 2000.  All rights reserved.

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