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Written by: (anonymous)
Last Updated: 7.5.2000
Word Count:

Emerge from your secret place
show your true identity
there is nothing to hide.
Let the world know your true self
it can be ugly, but disguises last not forever
that smile, that laugh, who are u really?
What goes on in your mind, behind that facade of happiness?
Who is that man i see, 
with careless woes and gleeful smiles
when in reality, he is downtrodden, forsaken and forgotten.
Teary eyes and saddened face,
his heart stunned with painful epiphanies
of things that seemed so meant to be, but really are not.
Release and let go. That is the past, 
this is now, and i am here.
You are the one i hold so dear, take off the mask and unveil your true identity.
Face the world with your head held high and shoulders straight, and enjoy 
the world to its deepest capacity.

Copyright DK, 2000.  All rights reserved.

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