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Here are the guidelines in submitting a story. Please read carefully so you don't have to resend it.  If you don't have email, you can always submit the story through the site.

    The WHOLE Process
  • You send the story in.

  • I read it and love it!

  • Story is appropriate and follows guidelines listed below.

  • I post it on the site.

  • Voila!  Your story is added to The Story Domain.

      Appropriate / Inappropriate Stories

  • All types of stories are accepted except for:

  • highly-graphical erotica

  • insulting stories

  • propaganda in any form

  • excessive use of curses

  • plagiarized material

  • bad grammar and spelling

      Accepted Formats

  • Microsoft Word'2000 or older

  • Notepad

  • Wordpad

  • Email (if story is less than 2500 words long)

      What to include in your story?

  • Title

  • Author 

  • Email address (Please state whether you want your email address to appear in the author link.  Only agree to this if you want people emailing you comments about your story.)

  • Chapters (Or some form of dividers for stories over 1000 words long.)

      What else?

  • Please check to make sure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors in your story.  Correct them before sending your story in.  I don't like to make corrections after the page has been published.

  • If you have pictures that go along with the writing, send them in. I'll gladly post them up for you. Only GIF or JPG formats under 750kb (total) are accepted.  Please make sure the maximum width of the picture is 560 pixels if you want it to be viewed with the story.

  • Any story you send in will remain your rightful property.  You may have the story removed at any time.  

  • Any further questions regarding guidelines, please email me.  

Send in your story through email!

Send in your story through the site!

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