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Site Name Description / Comments
Am I A Writer Yet? A writers' resource site with lots of helpful articles and writing exercises for serious writers.  Site design is fine, but could be better.
Through the Looking Glass A great writers' resource site with helpful essays and links.  The layout is clean and simple and very fast to load.   
the ShallowEND Ezine of Fiction, Poetry... Lots of great stories and poems.  Good layout.  
Coffeehouse for Writers A writing site with lots of features such as Grammar Test, Critique Groups, Book Store, and Writing workshops.  However, this site does not have any stories or poems. Lots of great stories and poems.  I think you have to register in order to submit your writing.  Layout and site-design is alright - nothing too fancy. 
Story Bytes A monthly E-Zine with lots of short-stories.  Some of the short-stories are incredibly short.

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