7.22.2000 - Changes complete!
TSD's very own forum is up!  Post stories, poems, comments, or whatever you want.  The submit section has also been updated.  You can now submit writings and comments without having to email them.  

7.21.2000 - Expect Future Changes
During some time in the future, there will be several changes.

Please continue to submit more writings!  While an improved version of TSD is being developed, writings will continue to be posted up.  TSD is also still waiting for its first comic...

6.21.2000 - Interactive Forum is up
The Story Domain's Interactive Forum is up.  Post up writings, comments, and any questions you might have about TSD.  Remember to behave; these posts are monitored.

6.13.2000 - Completed Sections!
The Help and Submit are working.  The Help section answers some questions you might have about this site.  Right now though, there is only one article, "Guidelines for Submitting a Writing".  Please read it before submitting a writing.

Read my poem, Spring.  I wrote it back when I was a small 13-year old tot.  The poem sounds corny, but I didn't have a choice.  It was a class assignment.

6.11.2000 - Story Domain Redesigned!
Whoo-hoo!  The redesigned 'Story Domain' is up!  Enjoy it!  I won't be changing it for a long time!

There are three sections that are not complete yet.  Interactive, Submit, and Help.  I'm too damn tired now to update them.  The Reading List and all the writings in the list took over an hour to transfer into this layout!  Expect the three sections to be completed by Thursday.