If you don't have time to read a particularly long story, then download it here. All stories located here are virus-free and in Microsoft Word'97 format. Any older version of Word will not be able to view these files. 

File Name Size Description
Snow (46.6 kb) A short, sci-fi story by Simon sNowlock.  It's very well-written and only a couple of pages long.
Universe: The Evolutionary Chain (369 kb) This is a very long sci-fi story by Simon sNowlock. It's well-written but about 80 pages long! It was written when sNowlock was very young, so don't get angry when it reads like a story you've heard before!
Empire's Descent (38.4 kb) A very well written sci-fi story by Miggy Lee. However, it was discontinued after the 3rd chapter.

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