Welcome to "The Story Domain!"  This site is dedicated to people who love to read and write stories.  You can submit your own stories as well!  Please read the Guidelines before submitting a story.  If you have any questions or comments, please email me at: dkc@brainbrain.com

Current News


I made a lot of additions to this site over the past two days.  I added a "Favorite Story" poll and the Hottest Books section, courtesy of Tripod.  It gives you info on today's hottest books.

I'm thinking of adding a section where you can buy some reading material online.  I'm also thinking of adding music to my stories.  So while you're reading a serious piece, some dramatic music could be playing in the background!  The music is going to be in .midi format so it won't take very long to load.  So please email me with your comments on whether or not I should make those additions.  


A new story has been added!  Intricate Unknown by Arian Solberg is a well-written story like The Way Out, takes place in the StarCraft world.  So if you like war stories, then check out Intricate Unknown right now.


My email address has changed, so please direct all future mail to dkc@brainbrain.com


This site hasn't been receiving new stories for awhile now.  I'm trying to write the next chapter for Heart of a Fortress right now.  In one of the future chapters, it's going to be about a nightmare I once had.  So it should be quite vivid and original.

I watched StarGate SG-1 (the series version, not the movie) and it kicked ass.  The show is on FOX (Channel 5, 12:00 AM @ NYC) and it was my favorite episode: Destroyer.  Anyways, try and catch that show and you'll see why its good.  


I added The Interactive Story Domain.  It's a forum where you can post up stories and have other people continue them, and vice versa.  When posting text, please use appropriate language and content.  Thank you and have fun!


The improved Story Domain is complete!  All links are fully functional and working.  My old story site, located at www.angelfire.com/sc/story, will no longer be updated, so come here instead.  

Later on, I'll be adding a forum, my own guestbook, voting booths, and a submitting section.  Enjoy! 


The new layout for The Story Domain is complete!  Hope you people enjoy it! 

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