Story List 

Here's a rundown of all the stories on this site.  More stories to come only if you submit them! Please read the Guidelines before submitting.

Story Title Author Last Update Abstract
Intricate Unknown Arian Solberg 12/26/99 "My entire damn army has been slaughtered! They never even had a chance! Those.. those bastards knew we were coming!..."

Heart of a Fortress DK 10/28/99 The alien race called the Garatons have attacked.  It's up to Captain Larkin to fight back!

Windows of the Mind StEaLtH 10/20/99 " this generation we don't care about race or religion because we're all equal,"

Encounter -+Ender+- Corran 10/27/99 "...They call themselves the Vanquishers and they conquer and destroy other worlds."

Carolina -+Ender+- Corran 10/19/99 A teenager tells the story of the girl of his dreams.

The Way Out Robert "U.F.O" Eriksson 10/11/99 A Terran commander must leads his troops through a heavily defended Zerg (insect-like race) base.

Strife In Space DK --/--/-- Queen Zeela and President Grussheur are fueding in a galactic battle!

Snow Simon sNowlock --/--/-- Xander's struggle to steal a psi-generator in a post-apocalyptic era.

Empire's Descent Miggy Lee --/--/-- An empire in dire need of resources must ally with others in order to conquer a large and fertile Federation.

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