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  Current News   


        June 10, 2000

This site is not dead yet!  I recently finished the new layout and I'm currently updating all the stories.  I'm adding some cool new features and trying to make  the page load faster.  

The new site will definitely be up by June 17th, but you can expect it as early as June 11th.  

Keep submitting stories and poems and any other type of writings.  They'll be posted in the new site.

        May 8, 2000

Sorry, no grand opening or new site design yet.  I'm having a "webmaster-block".  I can't think of any original layouts that'll go with this site.  Since I can't think of anything yet, I'll be posting up some new writings I've received.  

The poll doesn't work.  So don't bother voting.  For all of you starved for stories / poems, here are two worthy sites that'll contain your hunger for now:

New projected grand opening of TSD: May 28th

        April 27, 2000

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm currently trying to redesign Story Domain.  It's been a good 5 months with this dark design, and I think it's time for a change.  I won't be adding any more poems or stories until I finish, but keep sending them in!  I will definitely post them up when the new layout is complete.

I've created a poll (with the help of Cgi2Go) in order to view what visitors think I should do with the site layout.

Projected grand opening of TSD: May 6th

        April 22, 2000

Three poems were submitted by the talented Jesicka.  Check out The Center of the Fire, Silver Rain, and You Make Me Feel Like....  They're very thought-provoking and are elegantly worded.  They're worth reading, so read it!

Check out the redesigned Story List.  It's been modified to accommodate the growing list of poems.  

Old News...

  About The Story Domain

The Story Domain is a site intended to publish amateur writing.  Anything from poetry, to short stories, to comics, to novellas can be published and read by other people.  These stories are for enjoyment only, and may not be redistributed without the author's consent.  Please help this site grow by submitting your own stories.  If you have any further questions about this site, please email me. 

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