April 8, 2000

A new story has been added to TSD.  The Hoard, by Erik Bradstreet, is about an Orca attack on a human ship.  Micheal, a young kid playing on the deck with his friend, cannot escape and finds himself in the middle of the whole onslaught!  I found the story very enjoyable, however, I can't help but feel a sense of WarCraft while reading the story.

In a few weeks, I hope to get a poll up so that people can vote for their favorite stories.  It'll have a monthly winner, and probably some awards at year end.

        March 18, 2000

It's been a long time since I updated this page, but unfortunately, no new stories.  I did make a plain banner for TSD, so if you have your own page, put my banner up!  Of course, in exchange I'll place your banner on TSD so we'll both get more hits.  Here's the HTML code: 

<a href="http://storydomain.cjb.net"><img border="0" src="http://storydomain.tripod.com/tsdbanner.gif" alt="Read some stories or submit your own!" width="468" height="60"></a>

Originally, I had a much, much fancier banner.  But to my dismay, that monster was over 100 kb!  I'll have it available online in the future.

Ever wondered why TSD has so many sci-fi stories?  That's because this site used to be called: "Sci-Fi Story Domain".  It had about 3 stories in all and a horrendous layout.  Too bad I didn't save it...

        February 26, 2000

Sunrise, by Redeye, has been added to the story list.  It's a sci-fi +  war story about a Lieutenant who has spotted an incoming Crean surprise attack.  It's up to him to find a way to stop it.  It's not very long and is its well written, so go check it out!

        February 12, 2000

Two new literary works have been added to the ever-growing list of stories!  A poem, Hopes and Falls, by Melody is well written and very short (only 78 words).  Great for those lazy people who don't feel like reading a long story.  
A 'serial novel' has been added to the story list.  A serial novel is a never-ending story with no apparent, main conflict involved.  The story, Sarah and Brigitte's Book On The Web, is submitted by Sarah Marie and already in the first scene, has about 1,900 words.  In their site, they already have over 20 huge scenes!  The story is huge and not boring at all, so go check it out.   

        February 8, 2000

It's funny how people are continuously clicking on their favorite story in the poll.   It's ridiculous!  So now, the voting polls has been upgraded to a more reserving booth.  This one checks your IP address, so you can only vote once per day.  If this new poll works, then I'll have a Top 3 Stories Contest each month.  

Also, The Story Domain has another URL.  So if I ever have to move this site for whatever reason, just type in http://storydomain.cjb.net.

        January 30, 2000

Well, I'll be damned!  My site won the gold award at 2nd-IncomesHere's how the award looks like (near the bottom of the page at the left bar), and here's a link to their "Top 50 Award Winning Web Sites".  Here's their criteria for judging an award winning site, it has to have: " excellent navigation, superb layout, original content, great eye appeal and creative graphics".  Thanks for the award 2nd-Income!

Oh yeah, I also added the Favorite Story Poll

        January 29, 2000

The Interactive Story Domain has been redesigned!  There are now four sections in that forum.  Enjoy!

        January 25, 2000

According to Corran's wishes, "Encounter" has been removed.  It had only one chapter and reading it gave me such a headache!  Those damn grammatical errors really hurt my eyes.  

Miggy, author of Empire's Descent, has added another chapter.  It's short and well-written, so check out Chapter 3: The Hordes of Gold.  

        January 23, 2000

The Story Domain has received its 1000th hit today!  It may not seem a lot, but it's a great accomplishment for me.  The site started way back in early '99 with a damn awful design.  I wished I saved a pic of the original layout, but I didn't.  Doh!  
Here's the pic of the 1000th hit.  I can't believe I messed up the date!  It says "January 22, 1999"!  DOH!!

I had chapter 2 of "Heart of a Fortress" nearly complete, but to my dismay, my cpu crashed shortly after Y2K, thus losing my only copy.  But no worry to HOF fans out there (LOL!), I have another idea for the second chapter and it should be done shortly.  Basically, chapter one was supposed to be a so-called cliff-hanger scene.  Then in chapter 2 will I really plunge into the storyline.  Expect it to be somewhat interesting, but it should lead to something big.

        January 22, 2000

As you can see, The Story Domain's been redesigned.  Hope you like it.  It's much better than the previous layout because now you can read stories in a much larger area (instead of that small frame).  But if you want to view the old layout, it will forever remain here.  If you have any comments about this site, email them to me!