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  Story List  

Here's a rundown of all the stories and poems on this site.

Story Title Author Last Update Word Count Abstract / Comments
January 29 Jesicka 1/19/98 1,415 "Right then and there I realized that I had accomplished much more than I had planned to..."
The Hoard Erik Bradstreet 4/4/00 2,641 Micheal finds himself in a dangerous Orca attack!  
Sunrise Redeye 2/26/00 2,414 Lieutenant Solomon has spotted an incoming Crean surprise attack and has to find a way to stop it. 
Sarah and Brigitte's Book On The Web

Original Source

Sarah Marie 2/11/00 1,920 + It's a very long serial novel (an unending story) about the events that happen in the lives of Ophelia and Emma.  So far, there are more chapters to be include.
Intricate Unknown Arian Solberg 12/26/99


8,798 "My entire damn army has been slaughtered! They never even had a chance! Those.. those bastards knew we were coming!..." 
Heart of a Fortress DK 10/28/99 1,163 The alien race called the Garatons have attacked.  It's up to Captain Larkin to fight back!
Windows of the Mind StEaLtH 10/20/99 764 "...in this generation we don't care about race or religion because we're all equal,"
Carolina Corran 1/16/00 948 A teenager tells the story of the girl of his dreams.
The Way Out Robert "U.F.O" Eriksson 10/11/99 7,349 A Terran commander must leads his troops through a heavily defended Zerg (insect-like race) base.
Strife In Space DK n/a 4,375 Queen Zeela and President Grussheur are fueding in a galactic battle!
Snow Simon sNowlock n/a 4,555 Xander's struggle to steal a psi-generator in a post-apocalyptic era.
Empire's Descent Miggy Lee 1/25/99 2,134 An empire in dire need of resources must ally with others in order to conquer a large and fertile Federation.


Poem Title Author Date Word Count
Sweet Simplicity Jesicka n/a 181
You Make Me Feel Like... Jesicka 4/21/2000 192
The Center of the Fire Jesicka 10/--/99 128
Silver Rain Jesicka Summer '99 128
Hopes and Falls Melody 2/12/00 78

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