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- Sweet Simplicity -

Written by: Jesicka
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Wind beaten, smoothed out and flattened hair.
He saw her reflection in the black ad in front of her.
Her back was to him, and he wasn't sure.

The suspicion of someone watching came to her.
She glanced behind her.
Wait a second.

Suddenly their eyes met.
They smiled in harmony.
His eyes sparkled, smiled at her.

Her heartbeat stopped, as they reminisced together.
They were her best fifteen minutes.
They looked so happy together again.

She wasn't over him at all.
The train finally came to a stop.
Don't you know how I feel?

The magical mystery of a moment ended as they parted.
On her way home, tears came rolling down her wind-beaten face.
Her fingers were cold from the icy breeze.

She didn't take the bus.
She walked all the way home.
She realized there was never anyone else.

The street emptied as she left it.
The leaves fell as she passed the trees.
The wind died to a low humming sound.

Their relationship had been too sweet...
Too simple.
She had taken a sweet simplicity for granted.

Copyright DK, 2000.  All rights reserved.

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