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I wrote this when I was 14 after watching Star Wars: TPM.  My imagination was limited and my grammar plainly stunk.

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- Strife In Space -

Written by: DK
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Chapter 3

"That Zeela! She’s threatening me! Ha ha!" President Grussheur laughed heartily. "She’s so young and impotent! What’s she going do to me, sue me?!" The Presidential Office roared with laughter. The Presidential Office was a rectangular room with a large oval table in the center. President Grussheur and General Salvadore sat on the opposite tips. Grussheur’s most trusted and competent advisors were there to discuss on future defensive matters, but the conference topic has swerved widely to amusement and jubilation.

"But seriously sir," said one of the advisors, "we must take action to safeguard our nation."

"Yes men, it is imperative we do so. After we obliterated their colony pod, we have to expect anything to happen. What ideas do we all have?" said Grussheur. His advisors thought for a second. One of them spoke up,

"I feel that we have to defend all of our colonies with much more than we had before. Queen Zeela is pissed off at our actions and could strike at anytime."

Numerous whispers were heard. The advisors were in accordance of what was just said. Another advisor spoke,

"How ‘bout if launch a major offensive?"

All eyes were set on the president. He and only he, himself had to power to initiate an invasion.

"Hmm… This prospect seem very enticing. I…"

"Excuse me Mr. President for interrupting," said one of the advisors near Grussheur, "but you really can’t be serious? You can’t invade the Quartz Federation!"

"And why not!" Grussheur snapped.

"We’d be going too far! We will seem oppressive and evil to the galaxy. Many factions will support them if they choose to ally themselves. I feel that we should launch a major offensive when she finally counteracts against us."

"Well said! But don’t you ever interrupt me again, you presumptious boor!" proclaimed Grussheur as he stood up and violently waved his finger at the advisor. He sat down and continued to talk. "But, very well said. Yes, we will go to far when we invade. However, sitting here will be inane. She could strike us at any moment or not strike us at all! Nonetheless, my mind is made up. We shall invade the Quartz Federation, but not at this present moment. First, you must all see how Queen Zeela is a danger to our society. I cannot have her disrupting the peace of our empire at any time of peace." said Grussheur very boldly. Salvadore sat there, listening intently of what his leader was trying to say. Grussheur then spoke coldly waving his finger at every word. "So, I want Queen Zeela dead!"

Salvadore’s eyebrows rose up showing his amazement.

"Are you sure that’s wise? You could get brutal criticisms from the public and from other leaders!"

"Doesn’t matter. She’s a bane to our safety and can strike at anytime. And to destroy a nation, you must destroy her leadership. A nation without a leader cannot function!"

"But, don’t you think we should discuss the matter with her first?" pleaded Salvadore.

"I doubt that it’ll solve anything. Like the great Otto von Bismarck of the Second Reich once said, ‘The great questions of the time will be decided, not by speeches and resolutions of majorities, but by blood and iron.’ We shall solve this matter by blood. Have her killed! I want no more rebuttals! Do it now and good day to you all."

"Yes sir."

Salvadore and the advisors left, giving orders to their men. The operation would be set.


Later that day…


The Ruling Royal Council met with Queen Zeela that day. They were mandated to join and had feared her since the attack on QF-3. The Ruling Royal Council only consisted of four important advisors. They were Chancellor Terry Lowin, Captain Warsay, General Alvin Sargon, and Secretary of Diplomatics, Sharon Jordan. Captain Warsay was head of the Royal Guards. He is considered the Queen’s elite bodyguard. General Sargon was second in command of the armed forces and all military operations (after the queen). He helped her with the most influential, military decisions. Secretary of Diplomatics, Sharon Jordan was the Head Diplomat. She was in charge of all foreign affairs.

The Royal Council however, consisted of twenty advisors. They were mainly in charge of passing laws and electing officials.

"I have called this meeting," Queen Zeela stated as she entered the Royal Room. She was wearing a dark robe with beautiful gold lining. Under the robe, she wore midnight-blue tights that easily outlined the soft contours of her body. "To discourse the situation of the Seventh Reich. Any questions? Good. Meeting commenced." She sat down. Two Royal Guards then departed the room leaving the main door closed behind them. She took a deep breath and began to talk.

"The recent attack on our Colony Pod at QF-3 was a total embarrassment to the Quartz Federation. I had to let them get away with this because I knew that they had a more powerful militia. Grussheur is like a bully. He picks on weaker nations. But we shall not let another assault occur ever again! We need to protect ourselves. Any thoughts?"

"I have one." said Chancellor Lowin. "Traditionally, the best way of ridding a bully was to befriend with other people. In other words…"

"Alliances." General Sargon stated.

"Excellent suggestion chancellor." replied Queen Zeela. "Secretary Jordan, you’ll be in charge of creating these alliances."

"Yes your majesty."

"Make them quick. I sense an upcoming threat."

"Yes. But I’m afraid only two allies will actually help us in this ordeal." said Secretary Jordan in a saddened voice.

"Please, do explain why."

Secretary Jordan turned on a viewing screen where the map of their star system was exhibited. She zoomed in on their planet, Terria.

"As we all know, we are located on the small planet, Terria. We aren’t too distant from Earth, which means Grussheur won’t find it very strenuous to attack us. On Terria, there are two factions, the Rouge Confederacy and the Xeran States. Only the Rouge Confederacy is powerful enough to help us. Our second possible ally is another confederate state. The American Confederacy. They are located on Earth which can give us an offensive advantage. That’s all can say. Two possible allies."

"Two will be enough." responded Queen Zeela. "General Sargon."

"Yes my queen."

"I want you to ready…"

Queen Zeela stopped as four men in black suits suddenly bursted through the palace windows. Their black suits included suede boots and a belt full of compartments. Each of the mystery men had a laser pistol in hand.

"See you in hell, your majesty!" snarled one of the mystery men evilly. He aimed his pistol toward Queen Zeela and he fired.



Chapter 4

"Nooooooooo!" cried Chancellor Lowin as he jumped up and took the blast right in the chest. The powerful laser blast seared through his clothing and skin and dissipated his bones. He landed on the ground with a hard thud.


Queen Zeela and her advisors were startled.

"Take cover!" cried Queen Zeela. The rest of the advisors quickly jumped to the back of Queen Zeela’s desk where she stood. General Sargon and Capt. Warsay took out their blasters. Queen Zeela and Secretary Jordan however, did not have a weapon.

"Come out Queen Zeela!" said one of the mystery men in a guttural voice. "We came here to crash your party!"

"Stay down my queen." said Capt. Warsay as he took out his comlink. "I’ll contact the Royal Guards."

"No! Look at them!" Queen Zeela pointed. "They just wired the door. Anything can happen if the doors are opened!"

"Well, I’m not going to sit here and do nothing!" General Sargon said bravely. He hopped up and fired twice.

"Ahh!" cried of the men as he was shot down.

"Alright that’s it!" hollered one of the mystery men. "Queen Zeela! All we want is you! Step out and save the lives of your advisors or all of you shall die!"

"Don’t listen to him." whispered Capt. Warsay. He sprang up from his crouching position and fired his weapon. He fired three times—each shot aimed at their weapons. In an instant, the mystery men were disabled. Cursing were heard as the three of them grabbed their hands in pain.

"Charge them!"

The three men charged. Capt. Warsay and General Sargon stood up to fire but the mystery men were too fast. Two quick roundhouse kicks and both advisors lost their weapons as well. Queen Zeela looked in disbelief but her fighting instincts quickly kicked in. She hastily donned her large robe, revealing her petit, compact body.

While Sargon and Warsay engaged in their own mystery men, one was without action. Queen Zeela eyed him. She jumped on to the table and unleashed a kick. The man moaned as his neck snapped back. She agilely jumped down. She hugged the floor and sweep-kicked him. He went down with a hard thud. Zeela bounced back up easily and with tremendous grace.

"Didn’t expect a queen like me to fight, eh?"

The mystery man didn’t answer. He was confused and very fearful. He was afraid what a ruler like Queen Zeela was about to do to him. Then all of a sudden, she stomped his crotch. Her sharp, high heels made contact as the mystery man helplessly yelped in pain.

"Feeling comfortable?" growled Queen Zeela with a mad look in her eyes.

But the mystery man wasn’t about to give up. He lifted a concealed pistol for a shot at the queen. Zeela had already anticipated his move and stepped right on his wrist, spewing blood from his tender skin. He dropped his pistol and tried to lift his head, screaming in pain during the assault. Then in one smooth motion, she forcefully kicked his head. Blood ran freely from his mouth.

"Ugh," groaned Queen Zeela. "My shoes are bloody!"


Meanwhile, Capt. Warsay was having no trouble fending off his opponent. He blocked the mystery man’s attacks with ease and lunged at every opportunity. With a flurry of punches and kicks, Capt. Warsay easily subdued his enemy.

Things were different with General Sargon. Sargon was experienced, but old and not as fast and strong. Sargon attempted a punch but the mystery man effortlessly dodged the old man’s attack. The mystery man connected Sargon with a blistering kick. Sargon groaned and clutched his stomach in pain. The mystery man then pulled out a knife from one his compartments. He kicked Sargon again and said,

"You’re too slow old man! Let me put you where you belong!"

With that, the mystery man stabbed Sargon in his stomach. Blood oozed from Sargon’s mouth as his eyes froze. He bowled over, dead.

The mystery man laughed in victory.

"Murderer!" cried Queen Zeela just as she had defeated her opponent. She made a dashing jump kick which knocked the mystery man off-balance.

"Oooomf!" the mystery man moaned as he grabbed his ribs hoping to ease the pain. "You friggin'...  I’ll kill you, for the sake of the Seventh Reich!"

She disregarded his comment and went towards his side, picking a knife from one of his belt compartments. With a turn of her body, she swiftly attempted a slash at his waist.

He blocked her arms and punched the left side of her stomach vigorously.

Queen Zeela groaned painfully. She quickly broke free from his grip. She rolled away and threw the knife at him as soon as she popped back up. The knife spun too fast to stop. It pierced his arm, opening up a huge bloody gash.

Blood spewed everywhere.

Queen Zeela abruptly took a defensive stance and smiled wryly. The man smiled back, bearing his hideous teeth. He seemed unhurt by the knife. He knew now that one of them had to die, and it would end right now.

Then in great haste, they both charged each other. The man tried to clothesline her, but she ducked and punched hard at his unguarded mid-section., Queen Zeela then said to the crouching man,

"Your attempt to kill me has failed, fool! The punishment is death!"

She swiftly lifted her leg and brought it down vehemently on his back. He crouched more and cursed her in every way he could. She kneeled down in front of him and delivered the final hit. With all her might, she issued a strong uppercut. The mystery man flew backward landing hard on the concrete. He was unconscious and had a bloody, mangled face.


It’s over, Queen Zeela thought. The ordeal is over.


She surveyed the room and saw five men on the floor, not moving. Just then, the royal guards and the queen’s handmaidens rushed in. The guards were wearing light blue uniforms. They each wore a black beret and were equipped with laser rifles. They came as soon as they were contacted.

"I dismantled their wiring." said Secretary Jordan. "Too bad I couldn’t help out General."

"Queen Zeela!" cried one of her handmaidens as she sped in. "Are you alright?"

"Please do not worry. I’m alright." Queen Zeela replied haughtily. "I nailed them good!" she said with a smile. She paused and looked disheartened. There was a large opening in Chancellor Lowin’s chest. The charred skin was still smoking. His face stayed the same at the moment he was hit, his mouth opened showing much expression. "Take the bodies of General Sargon and Chancellor Lowin to the morgue. We’ll have a funeral procession for them tomorrow."

"What about the four assassins?"

"Shoot them all and send them to President Grussheur."

Queen Zeela started to leave the room. She turned around and stopped.

"Captain Warsay!"

"Yes, your majesty?"

"Have Colonel Williams prepare our troops. I want them mobilized by next week!"

To be continued...

Copyright DK, 2000.  All rights reserved.

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