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- The Center of the Fire -

Written by: Jesicka
Last Updated:
October' 99
Word Count:

What brings me to the center of the fire here?
Carrying souls above even the highest of the turrets.
Drenching the depth of my burden with blood
And forcing my heart into recognizing something that it has never seen
The reckless actions proving my attempts to run away
They knew about and bound me tighter
The captions provided me with some knowledge.
But they did not aid in my fruitless trek back home.
Gray hues bloomed before me
In a fastidious manner, I studied those grays.
They evaporated into the night air and I looked out.
Nothing was ever so black to me before.
I let my intuition escape me-
I fell asleep forgetting to attempt my breakout.
In my dream I was cast out here forever.

Copyright DK, 2000.  All rights reserved.

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