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- The Light -

Written by: Jesicka
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I first saw the strand of glittering light
When it roared with sparkles above my head.
I decided to catch it in its gleaming flight
But it flew away trailing a tail of white thread.

And just as curiously as it left
I saw it come back from where it went.
Back above my head it slowly crept
And I had caught it after hours spent.

I took it back home so tightly in my hands.
It tried to get away but I held with force.
I attempted to tie it with rubber bands
But decided that a glass jar would be less remorse.

Little by little, this light became tame.
And it did not try to run away, it listened to me.
Soon good company, even a friend, it became,
Now it's brightness was not the only thing I was able to see.

But then the day came when the light left once more.
I woke up to a nightmare that very night.
When I looked around, I was unable to ignore
A room that wasn't illuminated by a graceful light.

You left me then and never came back,
You gave me terrible dreams after that.
You and your selfish futility, they went black.
You took with you your winning combat.

But then it was
Too late for you,
Because your light ,
You lost that night.

Copyright DK, 2000.  All rights reserved.

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