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- Silver Rain -

Written by: Jesicka
Last Updated:
Summer '99
Word Count:

Silver Rain falls when our eyes are blind.
It drops upon our foreheads and eyelids.
But we don't know yet.
It moves across our faces.
It travels down our backs,
And makes its way- into our bodies;
Through the pores of our skin.
Once inside, it travels with our blood.
Down to the tips of our toes.
And our fingernails.
We are still blind.
Then all of a sudden,
Silver Rain..
Hits our hearts.
Once there,
One of our eyes is opened.
To see where
The Silver Rain came from.
But the other eye isn't opened,
Until the Silver Rain
Reaches our minds.
And when it finally does,
And we can see the truth,
We can see the source...
Of Silver Rain.
And we begin to love back.

Copyright DK, 2000.  All rights reserved.

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