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DK - 6.11.00
"Very, very sweet.  I like it a lot.  It's my favorite poem on this site."

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- You Make Me Feel Like... -

Written by: Jesicka
Last Updated: 4.21.2000
Word Count:

This one's for DK.  Do you know him? 

here goes nothing:


 You make me feel like... 

I am sitting at the edge of the cliff on a dark night, feeling the cold but

reviving breeze against me.  Listening to the sounds of the ocean,

overlooking the powerful waves of the Atlantic which seem to continuously

wind and then unwind at its own enjoyment.  The air and the sky behind me,

feeling the soft light of the moon and the stars hitting the back of my head


The full, luminous moon is laughing down at me.

The night air is crisp and cool; the sound of the waves could be heard as

they hit the bottom of the cliff with a swooning and fresh, yet terrifying



You make me feel like... 

I am laying on a bed of roses, looking up at the lavender sky before the

moon rises.  Honestly unable to keep from smiling, comfortably falling

asleep with the scent of you filling my mind slowly.


You compel me to jump off the cliff and fly into that thick nothingness, and

fall asleep in the scent embellished with you.


Copyright DK, 2000.  All rights reserved.

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